Are mods the gamebreakers?


For the last few days I’ve been observing a discussion on one of the Facebook Sims groups about mods being safe. Well, it wasn’t really a discussion… Most of the group more or less attacked the girl, that said, in polite words, that she thought modding games was a massive risk.


You’d probably say “Hay, you mod your games, you can’t think it’s risky!”. Well, actually, I KNOW that it is risky, but I’m willing to take this risk, because I think it’s worth it.So, BEFORE you start modding any game, there are the dangers you should consider first:

1. Downloading – there are many sites, where you can get the cc/mods from. Frankly, I use mostly all of them, making sure first, that my antivirus is up to date. But while downloading, there are often many adds that try to mislead you and make you download stuff that you didn’t want and that may be some kind of malware. So you need to be extra cautious!


2. Installing mods – you need to learn how to install the mods for the game you’re modding, and in some cases it isn’t easy at all. If you mess it up, in the optimistic scenario, the mod just won’t work. With some bad luck, it may cause massive errors or make you do a clean install of your game.


3. Keeping the mods up to date – in many games, it is extremely important, to keep the mod’s version and the game version consistent. So, with a new game that is still receiving new official patches and content, like Sims 4 at the moment, you may end up with a bunch od outdated mods pretty fast.


4. Mod conflicts – not all the mods can work in game at the same time. Sometimes they just stop working at all, but sometimes they may cause your game to crash.


5. Bad CC – it doesn’t happen often, but you it does. And when you get some bad cc in your game, it might be difficult to find it and get rid of it.


6. Backing up the saves before adding new mods – many of us (including me) forget to do it or is too lazy to do it. And sometimes, the CC/mods you used may damege your save files beyond repair (that’s actually what I managed to do with my Skyrim).


To sum this all up. Don’t take me wrong, I love modding games, and I actually mod almost every game I play if it only gives such possibility. But to keep the modding safe, you need some computer knowledge and common sense.For modding every game, there is a learning curve you must pass, before you can do it properly. But from my point of view it is totally worth it!!! So keep it safe and have fun!!!


  1. and the mods?? i dont see wehre can i get the link for download the frinzy mod. :/ your page is dificult to stand i try but i dont found i only see texts words but nothing for download

    1. Melody, This post is only about the general idea of using mods.

      There is no frinzy mod (I actually don’t know what you were looking for).

      For the download links, you need to choose the right post (for the game and type of mods you’re looking for).

      Please look through the posts on this page and find the one that is about the game you’re looking for.

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