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Want to make your sim look less like a plastic toy and more like a real human being? Not admiring the barbie doll look that you get after simply getting rid of the mosaic? (If you haven’t done it yet check my tutorial on how to go about that.) If so, what you need are custom skins for your sims.

There are two types of skins that you will find – default and non default. You can have only one default replacement skin and as many as you like non default skins. The default skin replaces the one used by EA, which means that every sim in your game will have it, without the need of editing them. The non default skin is a one you can choose while editing your sim in CAS. You simply choose it as if you were choosing the color of the skin (color ramp). If you decide to use a non default skin on your sim it will override the default one, but it will work only for the sim you chose it for.
Here are some links for the great skins I use in my gameplay:
1. You are real skin, that also changes the normal map, which adds much detail to the look of your sim.
2. Great navetSea skins – there are many great default and non default skins, but some of them sadly aren’t available for download any more. Alternative download link for many of navetSea skins.
3. Ephemera  also has some wonderful skins. Don’t get scared by all the chinese signs – simply click on download for the E-skin you like.
4. Personally I really like Kurasoberina’s starfruit skins.

13. Skin by Synesteshia

14. Summerbreeze Skinblend – Wintersun by Joe

15. HD PoreVision Non-Default Skin by Andromedasims

16. Hades Sama Skin Real Sims – Warning – no nipples on female version !!!

17. OUTSTANDING! Male Skin Makeover by Mamyrocker

18. OUTSTANDING! Female Skin Makeover by Mamyrocker

19. S-Club ts3 zombieskin

20. S-Club Skin MFC5 non default

21. S-Club Skin 3.0 Chocolat Fix Non default

22. Skin by Simlychic

23. Sugar Skintone by Xilmandr

24. Skin by Yoonhaon

To add a bit more realism, you can get detailed vagina and butts default replacement: here.

To make your sim look even more realistic (and sexy) you can also get yourself  a replacement for standard look of the feet: Sexy feet.

Depending on how hairy you like your men and women, you can also add some pubic hair:

Some lovely retextures of body hair, compatible with pubic hair, might come in handy too

Speaking of skins, if you want your zombies to look a bit scarier, use Zombie default replacement skin.
















    1. Frankly, I don’t really know. It also depends which of the navetsea’s skins you have in mind. If glam versions starfruit skins should be quite similar.

    1. I’m not intending to do it. There are many wonderfull skins already made and I don’t really have any special needs.

  1. Hi, do these skins take effect when a sim showers? as far as i can tell their not working for me but i don’t know a lot about this kind of thing haha if you could email me that would be super helful. thanks. 🙂

    1. Hello, as far as I know, once you assign a skin to your sim, this sim will everywhere appear with this skin. Why do you say it doesn’t work for you? What do you mean?

  2. please help me……
    I have a nude skin and I can use it just when I take a can I use it whenever (walking around nude)???????

        1. Thank you for the info. The problem with the skins on Mod the Sims is that they are barbie, (no adult features), but they may com in handy none the less. 😀

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