Sims 2 are for grownups too

So, you’d like to turn your Sims 2 game into something for more mature players. (If you need some basic help for setting up the game and installing cc check my tutorial here.) Here’s some ways you can enhance your … Continue reading

Sims 3 little demons – babies and toddlers

Babies are such a nice way to start people. DON HEROLDĀ  The fact is, I wanted to have a girl demon vampire in my game, so I started looking for the right CC. I thought I might just as well … Continue reading

Quick and simple custom Sims 3 painting

I’ve managed to create my first CC (get it here) and I was asked by a friend, how I did it, because he wanted to make custom paintings too. So I thought I’d make this simple tutorial.As this tutorial is … Continue reading