Are mods the gamebreakers?


For the last few days I’ve been observing a discussion on one of the Facebook Sims groups about mods being safe. Well, it wasn’t really a discussion… Most of the group more or less attacked the girl, that said, in polite words, that she thought modding games was a massive risk.


You’d probably say “Hay, you mod your games, you can’t think it’s risky!”. Well, actually, I KNOW that it is risky, but I’m willing to take this risk, because I think it’s worth it.So, BEFORE you start modding any game, there are the dangers you should consider first:

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Sims 2 are for grownups too

tub kissSo, you’d like to turn your Sims 2 game into something for more mature players. (If you need some basic help for setting up the game and installing cc check my tutorial here.) Here’s some ways you can enhance your experience with this old, but still wonderful game.

Sims 2

Kneel 2Well, I know it’s an old game, but it’s still much fun. Many people received the Complete Edition when it was free on Origin, so why not bring a bit of life into it and have some fun 😀

But first things first. You run the game and see pixels that take up half of your screen. You try to change the resolution, but no, there’s only one option available 800 x 600 and the game is runnng on the lowest settngs possible. Chances are, that you are runninng Sims 2 on a computer that is less than 10 years old. But the game doesn’t recognize your video card and thinks you’re using something much too shitty to run the game. Continue reading

Sims 3 little demons – babies and toddlers


Babies are such a nice way to start people. DON HEROLD 

The fact is, I wanted to have a girl demon vampire in my game, so I started looking for the right CC. I thought I might just as well share what I learned.

Below you’ll find some ways to make your sims babies and todlers look much better, than the game allows normally 😀

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Quick and simple custom Sims 3 painting

I’ve managed to create my first CC (get it here) and I was asked by a friend, how I did it, because he wanted to make custom paintings too. So I thought I’d make this simple tutorial.As this tutorial is really picture heavy, I’ve also prepared a pdf version of it, that you can download and view on your computer. Get it HERE.

First you need to get three things:

  1. Graphic program able to edit dds files. There are plugins to do it for gimp and photoshop,  but I use, because it’s so simple and intuitive, that it makes the whole process a lot easier.
  2. TSR Workshop – just hit the “download latest version button”
  3. Picture you want to have as the custom painting. Best to use your own creation.

Ok, so first install and TSR Workshop. Once you have them up and running, open TSRW and click “Create a new project”. Than click on the “object” icon and hit Next.

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