Sims 4 Sex for All

In the cage

Sims is a nice game for everyone – from little kids to adult deviants. It just needs a bit of tuning to better suit the latter. All you need is the Wicked Whims mod. Just follow the instalation instructions, get the animations you like and you’re good to go.

Moon tease

On the WW download page, you’ll find links to animations and additional stuff, that will make your gameplay better. As form me, I’m using :

  1. Hiroki – Better Body
  2. Simdulgence – Penis
  3. Azmodan22 – Strapon
  4. Zorak’s cage with animations

And that’s that for a start – you can configure the mod to suit your needs and gameplay style, by clicking on a sim, choosing Whicked, then Settings, and changing the self explanatory options. Just look through them and tick the boxes that you like best.

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