Sims 4 Sex for All

Sims is a nice game for everyone – from little kids to adult deviants. It just needs a bit of tuning to better suit the latter.

First, you need to enable mods in your game. Go to Options, Miscallenous, and click Enable mods and Enable script mods.

You also need a folder to put the mods in. Go to: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ and check if you have a folder called Mods in there. If you don’t, simply create it. And that’s it for the setup.

To enable sex interactions, you’ll need WickedWhims mod. You’ll find it at LoversLab site. The download button is in the upper right corner. To download anything from this site, you’ll need to be a registered user, but it’s free and the site is a goldmine of all  kinds of adult mods (not only for the sims games), so it’s totally worth it.

Once you download the most up to date release, just unpack it into your Mods folder. To get far more options for the sex, you’ll need animation files. You wil find them listed in the post with WhickedWhims – just download them and unpack them into your Mods folder.

The mod is smart enough to remove the mosaic and add penis to your game by itself, so you don’t need to bother with it. The only thing that is missing are good textures for the body, so you’ll need to get them separately.

To get a realistic look of the sim body you can use:

  1. Female top with nipples, that will change the shape of female breasts, to have nipples. In the same download page you will also find files that enable nude clothing in CAS.
  2. Female realistic skin – default replacement. You can have only one, so choose either shaved or unshaved version
  3. Male realistic skin – not default. You will find it in tattoos section.
  4. Female pubic hair as tattoos.

And that’s that for a start – you can configure the mod to suit your needs and gameplay style, by clicking on a sim, choosing Whicked, then Settings, and changing the self explanatory options. Just look through them and tick the boxes that you like best.

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