I want to see you strip

Dance Pole Sims 3
Get your Sim to dance on a pole for you.

So, You’ve downloaded all the stuff that I mentioned in my post about adult mods in Sim 3. And you would like to see your handsome men strip for you? Here’s how you can do it:

1. Simply order him to Get Naked! with CmarNyc’s mod. To use the link I provided, You will need to register on SexySims, but the site is full of goodies, so it’s well worth it. The mod allows you to switch ANY sims current outfit to nude.

Sims 3 Sponge bath
A spongebath can be sexy…

2. Get him to dance on a pole for you. To achieve this, you will need the pole, and the mod adding the interaction with the animation in game.

3. Go in on him while he’s taking a bath or a piss, even if you’re not married. To prevent sims from being ever so shy, use Nraas schooless mod.

4. Have more opportunities to look at the whole naked body, as he is taking a sponge bath.


5. Change his sleeping (or everyday, or formal, or… every) outfit to be nothing. CmarNYC’s Nouveau Nudists mod adds the naked body to all outfit options.
Sims 3 Proffessionsl Dancer mod
Call a dancer to your party

6. Call for a proffesional dancer and let him dance for you. For this mod to work you MUST HAVE Late Night AND Generations. When you click on a stereo, there appears an option to call a dancer, with the possibility of choosing sex and outfit. If you prefer the dancer to wear nothing, simply use the get naked mod. If you prefer some kinky outfit, just use Nraas Master Controller (stylist) and change the outfit to your liking.

Sims 3 Exotic dancer
A professiosnal dancer can add color to your nightclub.

7. Open a night club and hire a professional exotic dancer with this mod.   Choose hours of the show and the outfit for the dance. (Use Nraas Master Controller to edit the dancer to your liking – like I did on this screen).

8. Decide i which rooms sims should wear no clothes at all with Consort’s Dresscode sign.

9. You can edit sims ‘naked outfit’ using Nraas master Controller. Just use Get Naked mod or send him to take a shower and then use Master Controllers Stylist, to change the clothes/accessories, hair or makeup, that are to be used as a naked outfit.

10. If you want your sim naked in CAS for making a tattoo, than you need to toggle it in Nraas Master Controller: Settings CAS Naked Tattoo option to “True”. To get more tatto locations, use Master Controller Extended Tattoo. Be sure to get both files:
cmar_XCAS_TattooLocations_V2.zip  AND
For them to work, you also need Master Controller base module.
For clothing, makeup and accessories please check this post  and this post..


You can make love for money with the mod, that changes any bed in the room you choose into professional lover’s workplace. Look for the mod here.

Turn youir sim into a proffessional lover, with Kama Simtra module of the Nraas WooHooer. As far as I know, the WooHooer works well with all the other sex mods I mentioned here and in my previous post, but to be frank I have never used it myself.


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