Sims 3 Makeup for Beginners

Sebastian makeup
Rather ivisible makeup

Ok, so to make pretty (or scary) sims, you’ll need makeup. Not only for the lipstick or eyshadow, which is kind of obvious, but especially to give your sims much more realistic appearance. How? – By using makeup eyebags, shadows, pores and things like that, which add much detail to your sims faces.

But first things first. What you need to do before attempting to use the makeup in any reasonable way, is to get yourself Nraas Master Controller. Once you have it installed and running, go to CAS -> Category changes and “Set Multiple Makeup Per Location” to true and make sure, that “Disable Makeup Filter” is also set to true. This will allow you to use as many makeups of one kind on a single sim as yo uwant, and will also let you use the makeup independent of the gender of the sim.

Another thing you really should do is to get yourself 3D eyelashes. It’s not really complicated, but I was myself baffled first time I tried to get them for my sims. So, for the 3D eyelashes to work, you need to download the mesh and sliders for them.
The meshes are separate for male and female, and you’ll find them here:
And the slider is located here.
The actual lashes are found in a few flavours, and you can get them here (you need at least one set for the eyelashes to appear in your game):
While you’re at it, download also Buckley’s fix for S-Club 3D eyelashes, preventing them from going through hair that is going over sims’s face. You put the downloaded fixes in the overrides folder. Get them here:
Once you install all the above mentioned mods, go into your game. You need to edit your sim in CAS (the one that lets you adjust the sliders). To do it, use Master Controller -> Sim -> Advanced -> Edit in CAS. Once you get there, go to hair section, and make the eyelashes as short as possible. Then go to clothing / accessories section, and find the eyelashes that suit you best. Once you put them on your sim, they most probably will look strange, not fitting the shape of the eye. To fix that, go to Looks / eye sliders section and adjust the sliders, so that the eyelash shape matches the shape of the sims eye. Now go to the makeup section / eyeliners and choose one of the matching ones. Voila, 3D eyelashes up and working :D. For the instructions on how to use sliders and where to get a mod to see sims face better, check my post about CAS Sliders.
Also some of the contact lenses are made as a costum makeup. I’s worth trying some out, to make your sim look more interesting. An example you’ll find here.
Ok, so now you’re ready to paint your sim like a pro 😀
Astaret makeup
Feminine makeup with contact lenses

Apart from traditional makeup, there’s plenty of CC that add realism to sims faces. Some examples you’ll find here:

As for the rest of the makeup, it;s completely up tou you, if you want to create a realistic face seemingly with no makeup, or maybe a diva look with fierce eyeliners and crimson red lips. There are so many possibilities, that it would be impossible for me to list all the wonderfull CC you can find on the web. However, below I list the makeup CC I use. So if you see some lipstick you like on my screenshots it should be on this list. And for haeven’s sake don’t ask me which one that is – no way I will know or remember that :D.
Eyeliners and eyeshadows
Costume makeup

This may seem a bit unrelated to makeup, but I think facial hair is an important part of the sim’s look. So, below you will find some of the brows and beards that I use in my game.If you’re using only the ones from base game, do yourselves a favor and install default replacements for them here.(My reupload, because original is unfortunately gone)



  1. Beards by R2M creations

2. Beard by PanTaoGranny

3. Barely there beard by I Like Teh Sims

PS. Screenshots in this post are unedited ans taken straight from my game. However I run my game on highest possible details and with HQ mod.


    1. It is in Nraas Master Controller. To get to it, click on a sim, from the pie meny choose Nraas Master Controller. A table will appear. Choose Settings, and than CAS and than Category changes. And there you have it 😀

    1. Lol, I created him myself, thanks to all this wonderfull cc that is out there in the net 😀

  1. I tryed downloading the Nraas Master Controller but it came as a file. Clicking on the file had something pop up for two seconds and dissapear. Any suggestions? The file is also an internet explorer link idk whats wrong.

    1. My guess is that you’re not clicking on the right thing.
      When you go to this link: you need to scroll down the page and choose the module you want to download. Click the Base-mod for example and you will be taken to another page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see the download link. Click it and the download will start automatically. You will have the zip archive, inside which there will be Sims 3 package file with the mod.
      For every module you need to do the same procedure and download all the modules you want.
      I hope this helps.

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