Two handsome men are better then one…

Alistair and Zevran in a threesome.
Lovely treesome

Dragon Age Origins is all about actually playing your role – it is RPG after all. But, it’s a game – I want my game to be fun! So, i use the chance, and romance with Alistair and Zevran. What do I get? – yup, a jelousy talk. Choose, they say. Me or him, they say.

The problem is, I do not want to choose. I want to have them both! And I can, thanks to the right mod. I use polyamory by nitro9a , but there is another one, Polygamey by xatamos, though I’m not sure if it really works.
But, what is a good romance without some hot sex 🙂 If you want to see Your character actually do something more with your followers you should get your hands on some other mods:
  • Better sex cutscenes by Luchaire – there are three flavours of this mod – from a mild one just slightly improving the original scenes, to the zesty, which contains really explicit and a bit naughty sex scenes. There’s also the option for submissive Zevran, but only if you’re playing male elf (That’s a pity. I’d love to see him submit to my female warden…)

Zevran on a dancing pole.
Zevran on dancing pole

Natural bodies all in one – this one lets you have the characters in game naked. If you don’t use it, the sex scenes will have no scenes (fellatio with the pants on…)

  • Ever occurred to you to rent a room for the night in the tavern and have some fun with your enamoured follower – here’s the chance. With Randevouz at the tavern by cmessaz, you can now ask any of the waitresses in the Gnawed Noble Tavern for the room to spend some hot moments with your sweetheart.
  • If your not especially into getting your moody followers to love you, and still want to have some sex, go to a brothel. More options at the Pearl by will Firinneach offers you many possibilities to have all sorts of fun with all the sexy charakcter that you may have met in Dragon Age Origins. A little warning, though. This mod will most probably crush any immersion, as it did with mine. The things your lovers have to say during sex scenes are absolutely hilarious in that context (my absolute favourite is again Zevran, with his “Shall we compete for scores?”)
  • To spice up the romance with Alistair I’d suggest two more mods made by DahliaLynn: Alistir’s First Night Love Scene and Alistair’s Visible Kiss.


 If, unlike me, you are rather monogamous, there are several mods, that can make the gameplay a bit deeper. There are extended romance options for Zevran (I wish they were compatible with polyamory)  Alistair and Leliana.
If you are like me and would wan’t to be able to romance with every follower, no matter the sex of your warden, that you can use Equal love by Kamaji.


 If you don’t know how to install the mods for Dragon Age Origins check here. Do yourself a favour and instal DAO mod manager – without it, installing dazip mods is a nightmare.
 To get the mods you’ll need to register on the Dragon Age Origins Nexus site. It’s free and it will come in handy later, as on Nexus, there are mods for Fallout, Skyrim and more.


 You forgot (like I did) to take Leliana with you, and now Lothering is a burning hole in the ground? – No problem, go back to Lothering, to get her, and Sten, with Meta Game Items by Xatamos. Among other useful little things (like sex and profession changers) you’ll find in it a Lothering portal, to go back to that darn village and get what you didn’t the first time.
 To make your game look a bit prittier (some lighting and effect tweaks) you can use Dragon Age lighting Enhanced by Shrutesh.


 If you’re interested in multiple romance and sex options in Sims 3 look at this post.



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    with? I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different
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  2. More options at the Pearl is fully compatible with Zevran Romance Scenes, I checked it on my game many times. (I actually replay DAO again and again for more Zevran in my life. XD)

  3. I don’t know If you are still active here but I would like to know your configurations in Natural bodies mod, there are so many options to chose from I don’t know where to start and what to pick and what is compatable :s

    1. I haven’t played Dragon Age in ages, and I don’t have it installed any more. But as far as I remember you just follow the instructions of mo installation from the page I gave link to. You put them all into your game and it should simply work.

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