Why can’t I have sex in Sims?

Altar sex - animation
In games I look  for romance, sex and domination interactions to fulfill my fantasies in the virtual world. I really enjoy playing Sims 3. I even more enjoy modding this game. There are literally thousands upon thousands of custom content, that can make your Sims 3 into whatever you want. Sims seem to be just perfect for this kind of play, but they need to be PEGI 12, Well, this means no sex, no hardcore and so on…
The modders have changed it! Here’ are the basic steps to make your Sims 3 a game for adults:

1. Nudity
a) No mosaic
Well, if you want to see your sims naked, you first need to get rid of the hideous mosaic covering them whenever they are taking their clothes off (like taking a shower/bath or taking a piss). To do this you cab use the Nraas Decensor Mod.
b) No barbie skin – look at my post about using custom skins here.
2. Genitals
Ok, so the ladies look ok now, with nipples and vagina in the right place. But what about men? You obviously need to get them a penis. You will find what you need at Cmar’s creations. To get the sex interactions working (no mod incompatibilities) you will need to download:
– Penis Mesh Map 1 OR 2 (install ONLY ONE)
– Penis sliders – CAS or Hidden (if you don’t want to mess in cas with the length and curve of the penis, just install the hidden version – but you need to have them in order for the sex interactions to work properly).
– Morphing penis script V 1.63
3. Sex interactions
Once you have your sims sexy and ready, you would probably like to see them do something more than taking a bath or woohooing under the blanket. There are two mods, that allow you to add real sex interactions to Sims 3:
a) Graphical XTC – allows you to make your sims “daydream” about having sex. There are several choices, allowing sims to get laid in different positions, together with some amount of foreplay.
b) Kicker’s Interactions mod -a bit more complicated to get it working, but it is far more flexible than Graphical XTC. In order to get it working you will need the main mod, that allows other parts to work – Kicker’s interactions mod – you will find the download at the bottom of the first post here, called Animated_WooHoo_2.05.zip.
Alternatively you can use Passion mod created by Alfiechan. It is compatible with all the AW animations and offers many more functionalities. It is however beta version, so it may cause some errors. Afiechan works on it continously to make the mod work smoothly.
To make any interaction actually show in game, you will need two parts for each set of animations – the package with actual animations and a small mod, that connects those animations to Kicker’s mod. Here’s the list of available animations with mod addon’s enabling them in Kicker’s mod (you can use all of them or just choose the ones you like best – it’s up to you):
  • Whosthewhat’s Sex Animations – for this one you don’t need  to download anything apart from the main mod. The download you seek is at the bottom of the first post – WTWanimations v0.7fix.zip        
  • Ghoct’s animations
– animations – ghoct_SexAnimations.package
  • snfoug80 animations
mod addon – download at the bottom of the last post called AW_SFanimations.package
animations – download at the bottom of the last post called SFanimations.package
  • SMAnimations – both mod addon and animations are in the same download – at the bottom of the first post SM_animations_1.4a.zip
  • AfterDuskSims – both mod addon and animations are in the same download – at the bottom of the post is a download button – hit it and you will be redirected to mediafire. Remember to skip the ad fly first, before you click the actual download button on mediafire.
  • Kiwmisty animations – both mod addon and animations are in the same download
  • Amra72_Animations and Amra72_Lesbian_Animations -the download is at the site, that needs you to be a registered user (registration is free) and has loads of porn adds (the thing is, that the site has also some great modding resources) – both mod addon and animations are in the same download, separately for normal and lesbian interactions. They are located in the first post: Amra72_AW_Sims3_Animation_pack_2.0.zip and Amra72_Sims3_Lesbian_Animation_pack_0.5a.rar
  • Master’s Animations – on the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same downloads –  Masteranimations v1.3.1.7z  (at the top of the post) and supernatural animations Mastermoonlight Animations v0.1.7z (in the middle of the post).
  • HDSCreations – on the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same download – Hdscreations.rar
  • Fallin Esper – be aware, that these are not aligned properly for Kicker’s mod, so they may look strange or not work at all
animations – download SexAnimations_All.rar
mod addon download at the bottom of the post – Animated_WooHoo_FE.zip
  • Aniamations done by me – NOW WITH SOUND -I hope to release the whole set of BDSM sex interactions for Kicker’s mod. Check my blog for updates.
  • Animations by Lady666 n the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same download, but there is a set of standard animations plus a crazy one. Download:

Lady666_Animations_s.03.rar,  Lady666_Crazy_Animations_s.01.rar and AW_Lady666_Kinky_Animations_s.01.rar 

To get all those above animations to work, after installing them, you need to click in game on a sim, choose Animated WooHoo -> Setting -> Position list, and add the following names to it. For Passion, click on sim -> Passion -> Settings .> Positions -> Add Position (at the bottom of the list)
If you would like to create your own animations for Kicker’s mod, there is a really awsome tutorial on Lover’s Lab, done by The Master.
For the makeup and accessories to spice up your scenes look at this post.
If you don’t know how to use mods in Sims 3 you’ll find all the necessary instructions here.
If you intend to have a household with more than two sims that have romantic interest one towards another, and don’t experience all kind of jealousy tantrums, you’ll need the World Adventures lifetime reward – No Jealousy. There are also other lifetime rewards that can make your life easier if your simming with at least a threesome:
No Jealousy (World Adventures) – even if you woohoo with another sim in front of his/hers spouse you wan’t gety into trouble (but you can still get the reputation of a cheater, together with it’s negative moodlet)
Stone Hearted (World Adventures) – your sim will not get sed / stressed at the events such as loss of a friend or death in the family.
Above Reproach (Generations) – your sim’s affairs won’t get noticed so easily, while you flirt around the town.
Clean Slate (Generations) – you can start flirting anew, with your reputation fresh and clear.
Master of Seduction (Late Night) – your sim becomes irresistible, so all romance attempts are successful.
To get those lifetime reward youu can either earn the lifetime happiness needed for them (too long and burdensome for me) or use Nraas Master Controller – You will need Base-mod and cheats. With it, you can add enough lifetime happiness to purchase every lifetime reward you wish.
If you’re interested in multiple romance and sex options in Dragon Age Origins look at this post.


  1. If you don’t have woohoo interaction option at all, my first guess is , you didn’t download the core mod – Kicker’s animated woohoo – the one mentioned in 3 b) of my post. Please check, if you have downloaded Animated_WooHoo_2.05.zip. It is rather easy to miss it and without it you won’t have the woo hoo interaction in your game.

  2. Hi Jezabeel,

    I wonder if you could help me, I have followed all instructions and added every mod required but when I add Amra 72 animations to the position list in game it says 0 all the time? I double checked every list and went through your instructions (which are brilliant by the way) but those animations simply will not work and I cannot think of anything that I have missed as everything else is working?

    I also have the strip pole animations working and while it is fun there is no watch animation for other sims however I recently found an updated rug called Misukisu’s exoticDancersStage Mod which I have manged to set up as a stage with exotic dancers and there is a watch action for sims so I also positioned pole dancers in such a way alongside the other dancers so when sims are using the watch action it appears they are watching the strip pole dancers as well. I have provided a link to the rug is you are interested in trying it yourself.


    My last question relates to the pose player as it is something I have never tried to use as the rest of it for me is a steep learning curve-)

    I also have umpas dance animations which is slightly different but I cannot get my sims to stand in one position together before the dance sequences start so when the dancing starts they are all out of sequence so would a pose player enable me to resolve that problem?

    Anyway apologies for the long post, love your blog and bookmarked…

    1. As for the Amra Sex Animations please check that you have two packages – the mod integrating them into kicker’s mod AND the package containing the animations. Also verify if you have spellt / copied the name on the list correctly. Remember, that there are two sets of Amra’s animations – standard and lesbian – be sure that if you want to have them both, you have four packages (2 interactions and two animations packages) and you have two separate entries on the list.

      As to the dancing pole it is most unfortunate that there is no watch interaction, I wish there were. I have mentioned the rug in my post here http://www.modfrenzy.net/2015/02/sim3-naked-mods.html , but I haven’t thought of using it the ay you did.

      To synch the animations, I have read somewhere, that you should use only animation player, but have a list of animations, with a first one being a pose (which means exactly one frame animation) and the other the animation you want synched. This way, after you unpause the game the sims should get synched. Mind though, that I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t be sure. Let me know if it worked for you.

      1. Hi Jeze! It’s me again. I posted on the wrong page. Basically I tried downloading your sex animations but the link is down. Can you repost the link? Thx so much.

      2. Hi Jez. I downloaded your animations but they are not showing up. What do i need to do for them to show? I tried everything.

  3. Hey Jeza, Do you have plans to do some other animated aw interactions for TS3? If you have, can you tell for us or is it a secret? Sincerely , I’m really interested for.

    1. Hey Xoxo. It’s really nice that you ask.

      I do intend do make some more animations, mostly BDSM, with woman dominating the man. But it is really time consuming to prepare an animation that is at least reasonably good and I don’t know when I will manage to get to making the actual animations. I hardly find the time to update this blog 🙂

  4. Hi Jezabeel,

    Thanks for your help its all working now one of the 2 packages was simply not going/staying put in my packages folder for some reason.

    I thought you may have already known about the rug but mentioned it just in case you had not been aware of the upgrade.

    I have not tried a pose player yet with regards the dance moves but I am hoping when I have some time to devote to that issue it may be a little easier as I am used to using the animation player for the dance interactions.

    I will come back and let you know what works if anything lol

    As someone else mentioned above some interactions of women dominating men would be cool and add even further game-play in a fairly unusual manner so I too hope you you may get some time in the future to complete that.

    Thanks again…..

  5. Hi! Will you also be posting if there are new animations or updates from other modders here on your blog?

    1. Yes, I’ll post about all the aniamtions I can find for Kicker’s mod. If you know of any, I’ll surely appreciate it, if ouy give ma an info, so I can add it to my post.

      1. This is great and very convenient! Thank you! I’ll surely inform you if I ever come across one.

  6. downloaded all the necessary components, but I don’t find the Animated WooHoo option my the sims version is 1.0

  7. I was having the same problem!!! I worked over 5 hours trying to install these mods along w/the nude clothes. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RESOURCE.CFG! It should be in the mods folder, (not in override or packages)

      1. Sorry for late reply. Yes, it would help if you posted a screenshot. Please also let me know what you mean by not working – no animation, no options to choose from, no animated woo hoo in pie menu…

        1. Hey Jezabeel!

          Hopefully you’ll be able to help because I’m such a fool when it comes to computer things….ha. So, I have not been able to get the animated woohoo option to show up. In fact, the woohoo option has disappeared from my game completely! Not sure what I did….I’ve tried about three times to get everything working. Here’s a list of the mods I have downloaded already. (Though they don’t seem as long as everyone else’s….)

  8. Hey there would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a
    lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a reasonable price?

    Kudos, I appreciate it!

      1. The wtwanimations it says under requirements that you need Cmomoney’s animation player, but i can’t seem to find in your description that you need to install it. Do you actually need it?

        1. The animation player is only needed if you want to use only animations, without Kicker’s mod. Then, you need to use the animation player, to actually trigger the individual animation.
          If you use Kicker’s animated woohoo, the animations will be played correctly, when you choose the interaction animated woohoo in the sim pie menu. Then your sims will perform a short chit chat, like before a normal woohoo and then they willl get into positions and the sex animations will start playing.

  9. Hey Jezabeel

    Thank you for making this guide. It saved me some headaches.

    I have a problem though. I tried to make an account on loverslab but their e-mail verification system is broken (it doesn’t send the mail). I mailed the community manager but he doesn’t reply. If you have a loverslab account, is it possible to write something about my situation on their forum?

    1. Sure, I can at least try to check what’s up and maybe I’ll get some info or solution 😀

  10. Same problem here with above comments. ‘ve been trying to contact the administrator via e-mail since almost a month ago, yet there’s still nothing…

  11. If possible can anyone send me the Amra’s animation please? :” been trying to validating my account on loverslab yet still failing much …

    1. Hi @Rikarle,

      Do you mean the animation code that is added to the position list under the animated woohoo settings in game?

      If so it is as follows:


      If I have misunderstood apologies in advance lol

      1. I believe what he meant was the actual animation files. Without possibility to register oon Lovers Lab, there’s no way of downloading them. I already contacted the admins of Lovers Lab, but I haven’t received any response yet.

        1. Hi Jezabeel,

          I knew it could not be that easy lol

          what about the package files we use in our games in the Mods/packages folder can they be copied and be of use to someone else?

          1. They are the ones that are needed, but it’s reuploading somebody’s stuff. One should not do such things without permission…

          2. Hi Jezabeel,

            Apologies for the suggestion I was always given to understand it was okay if credit was given to the original creator but I only play one PC game and am not considered an expert on such matters….

          3. Well, I used to think it was ok, but since I started using CC for Sims 3 I have seen so much fuss over reuploading, that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, eh…

          4. I get it really I do and I am always grateful for the time and effort that goes into their creations so that we non genius type players can gain extra content/game-play etc but to watch other players struggling to find content they know about and have already probably used before I feel sorry for them as well………

            Fortunately for me after a massive hiccup some time ago I learned my lesson and organized everything and backed it up for future reference but prior to that incident I would not have thought to do so..

  12. First of all congratulations for this detailed guide Jezabeel. (Or maybe “Mistress Jezabeel?”)

    I find it very helpful, although i didnt manage to get the mods work perfectly.(maybe cuz im a noob) :-/

    Every time i initiate solo sex my sim just stands idle on the bed and doing nothing.

    This is what i have installed




    Over more, the female sims have barbie bodies. Maybe i have to modify something myself in the settings?

    When i initiated woman-with-woman sex in a toilet stall then the first woman sit on the toilet and the second did the “cleaning toilet” movement.

    Do you maybe have any idea on what im doing wrong here??

    1. For the womoen to appear with appropriate look, you need to install one of the custom skins – see my post http://modfrenzy.net/wp/sims-3-skins/

      As for the sex animations, you obviously lack animation packages, that’s why your sim just stands there doing nothing. Read once again through the tutorial and alwayse get two packages for a group of animations – 1. animiations, and 2. mod add-on. Also make sure that you add proper codes to the list. Try this out and let me know if this fixed the thing. If not, we’ll try to figure something out to make it work 😀

      1. Ok first of all thanks for replying 🙂

        Now, i have already downloaded the women’s bodies.

        I have downloaded Behudain’s female body (nipples and vulva only) and male’s body (penis only) as you can see highlited here


        Below you can see cmar penis and morphing script that are neseccery.

        Now, about the animations:

        1) I have the main mod, Animated Woohoo+ 3.0 by Alfiechan.

        2) I have Amra animation package and lesbian animation package. Two package each:

        3) I have copied them in the position list

        And still nothing works. I also want to say that i have put every mod in the packages file, and not in the override file.

        So what should i do? 🙁

        1. First of all, I can’t really help you with Afiechan version of woohoo mod. The fact is, that it was a kind of WIP, and it wasn’t stable enough for me (in one of the previous versions it used to crash my game). For now, Afiechan himself suspended it and began a new project called “Passion”, which was supposed to work instead of this mod, but he hasn’t published it yet. So to make Animated Woohoo work for sure, just ry using the old version of Kicker’s mod – the one I posted links to.

          As for the skin, the one you downloaded changes only the normal maps of the skins, but it doesn’t contain the skin texture. You need to get a texture for it, like navatsea or ephemera. Than you should be able to see all the sweet details 😀

      2. Yes but Afiechan is the continuity of kicker’s and afiechan’s downloadable files include the same files as kicker’s.

        Ok anyway i will carefully re-follow your guide, downloading kicker’s mod, instead of Afiechan, and take extra caution of the skins, by downloading either navatsea or ephemera, and i will reply again here to tell you if everything went well 😛

        1. Yes, Afiechan’s mod is the continuation of Kicker’s mod, but although the files are named the same, the coding in them is changed. This may cause some errors, which even Afichnan himself admits.

          I hope everything works for you in the end. Let me know how you did!

          1. Hi Jezabeel & Loxanoid

            I am almost certain I am using Afiechan’s mod as I was experiencing problems with kickers old mod when it had not been updated for a while.

            The only problem I have experienced is that one sim will sometimes reset to outside the property after clicking stop woohoo but it hasn’t caused me any major problems so I have kept on using it.

            its a case of try both and see what works best for you I think..

          2. I’m not saying Afiechans mod is always bad. I just can’t help with it, as I’m not using it myself. And the fact that Afiechan himself stopped working on it and started working on “Passion” mod suggests it might be WIP, and thus cause some problems. Of course it may work well in some situations, but I just don’t know it.

  13. I downloaded animated woohoo kicker and also masteranimations. Sims 3/Mods/Packages/ then pasted all 4 of the proper files. when I click on the “animated woohoo option, then settings, I should see an option to add positions, but I don’t. Please help!

  14. Thank you. Was pulling my hair out for about half a day UNTIL reading your information. Perfect instructions. I love you. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

  15. i need help plz i fallowed and did every step u told ik how to install sims bods and everything when i install everything or even when i tried just doing it my self before i found this it all worked only problem that sims stand in eatch other instead of doing something even if its in bed they half in it just straight up standing in eatch others body i do have possitions and lists and names correctly everything should by fine but its not help plz

    1. What you describe sounds like you’re missing animations. Could you post a list of the mods you have installed and a screenshot of the position list from the game. This way maybe I can find out what is wrong.

  16. https://prnt.sc/9kb1uo thats all mods i have
    https://prnt.sc/9kb25r this is the list on sims 3 possition list
    i also want to mension that all/most of these appier on possition list the only problem is that when i click on possitions they never go to a possition only keep stnding in eatch other till i stop them or woohoo ends

    1. It’s just as I thought. You simply miss the animation files for the Animated woo hoo. Go once again through my whole post and make sure, that for every positions set you have 2 files – the one with AW at the beginning of the name (that is the one that makes it visible to the Kicker’s mod) AND the actual animation file. Also make sure, you put all the right codes for the position packages you choose – like SFanimations for the positions set you already have in your mods folder 😀

  17. i have to deaply apolagise it was my foult apparantly i miss read/miss understood your instructions even tho i read them 5 to 10 times the problem was not downloading wtwainmations v0.7fix as i thougtht thats what comes with game but i t was 1st part of 2 files u have to have since its my first time downloading all files instead of droping a pack and done i got confused and asked your help when i didint actualy need it srry for wasting your time good job on instructions

  18. Is Animated Woohoo + supposed to be a scripted mod? It doesn’t appear in the pop up screen that shows up when you load the game, even though the package is in the mods folder. I restarted a new game and still it’s not there. In the previous game I saw the AW option once when clicking on my sim and there was no blank screen to load animations. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Frankly, I don’t remember if it was on the loading screen or not. As AW+ is no longer supported, I still use original Kicker’s mod.

      And when you click on sim, do you have any AW options- if yes, what are they?

      What packages do you have installed for AW? Could you send me a list or a screenshot?

  19. Hi, thx for replying. No I don’t see any options. I saw that menu only a couple of times. I have the screenshots – what’s your email?

    1. Post your screenshots in the comment (post links) – this way also the people who read comments will be able to learn something, when we find the answer for your problem.

    1. Frankly, it seems that everything should be all right… Are you still using AW+ ? If so, maybe try the old kicker’s mod and see if it works. If it doesn’t we’ll need to look for any mod conflicts…

  20. HI again, I replaced AW+ with the original, linked a number of animation packages and it now seems to work, at least for my sim who can masturbate anywhere. However he just made a teen lad his bf, they’re maxed out, they have had sex under the cover but as you can see – there’s no interactions available in AW. All the settings have been changed to allow teen actions/ teen-adult actions and so on.


  21. Errr… I *had* forgotten one setting – in AW itself – to allow teens to enjoy the action. Thank you for all your help!

  22. You wanted screenshots 🙂

    Meet Thomas Crawley, 26yo movie superstar – and a horny dog to boot. He’s been publicly disgraced 4 times for cheating and public sex but his charisma is so high he can weather any media storm.

    The first are with ex bf Barry, taken in their downtown penthouse.


    The following 3 were taken in his basement ‘man cave’ (here the expression takes an entirely different meaning). He’s with a 16yo neighbor, tending to the boy’s curiosity.


    The last one is with a bouncer, in the toilet stall of the Sports Pub.



    Incidentally, do you know if it’s possible to make custom playlists? As in selecting a number of positions, ordering them and playing the entire thing in one go? I’m thinking of ‘make love with bf’, ‘kinky one night’, ‘sauna 3some’, etc? So I wouldn’t have to stop every minute to manually change position.

    1. Wow, nice shots, than you for sharing them!

      To answer your question, as far as I know, there is no possibility of creating custom playlists for animated woohoo. If you want more interactions in one go there’s graphical xtc, which has the forplay and so on.

  23. I had the “sims standing around one inside the other doing nothing after selecting an AW animation,” –with WTW, AfterDuskSims, ghoct & JezaAnimations… (both files for each) and it wasn’t working. I removed them & started up with just the WTW and AW, animation player and it worked~! Then I added the Jeza and ADS files and they worked. Still not sure what’s up with ghoct’s. This may or may not help anyone else.

    1. Could you post a screenshot of the packages you have for the animated woohoo? Maybe you had duplicatepackages – this may cause the mod not to work.

        1. I believe my question (above, as anonymous) is actually more about how to use ghoct’s animation. I had it working on Pose Player …before AW got updated for playing other animations.

          My second question is “awaiting moderation.”

          Everything else seems to be working.
          Thanks in advance.

          1. I’m sorry for answering so late, but real life was really preoccupying and I wasn’t even logging into my page, that’s why your questions awaited moderation (nothing to do with being logged in or anonymous(.

            The animations for animatedwoohoo are not played by pose player, but by the mod itself. For the mod to work properly, you need to have the base mod (Kicker;s) and the appropriate files for every set of animations – the mod that adds the animations to the kicker’s mod AND the animations themselves.

            To use the animations, you need to click on a woohooable object (for test use a bed first – most animations play on it), choose animated woohoo from the pie menu.
            From what I see from your screenshots you seem to have the appropriate files in place.

            PS glory hole animation is a sex position name, nothing to do with any fence 😀

      1. Not sure why my response isn’t loading? (you asked for a screenshot Feb.26 at 11:34 –above–, I wasn’t signed in so it says anonymous ^ ) but here is the link again. (Testing to see if it will show sooner signed in.)

        1. Not sure where I should be looking for the ghoct animations to play… I thought they were for the special fence object? I tried using the WTW glory hole animation (it’s in AW animation list but not sure how to play it) but haven’t gotten that one to play even with the fence gate object nearby.

  24. Much appreciated. Pesky “real life” stuff.

    So to play the glory hole animation using the fence, we’d have to use the “moveObjects on” cheat? or do they not really work with the fence object?

    1. As far as I know, there are no positions in animated woohoo that play with fences. If you want some poses for taking screenshots it’s bether to use poses, then you can place your sims wherever you want.

      1. I saw that Amra had at least one pose that involve the fence, a M/F animation though (I use the m/m animations/poses mostly). That’s why I thought I must be using it wrong… lol.

        Thanks again~!

          1. I think the animation might have been part of Kinky World (which I haven’t tried). Will keep looking, but it’s not super important. Will get back to you if I find it. Thanks for your help!

  25. It is possible to install the old version of Animated Woohoo ?
    I can not update the new version…
    If possible I’d asked for a link to the active page from which you can download

    1. I’m pretty sure I saw a place online where someone had older versions available for download, if you wanna google it and keep looking. You might also want to sign up with Lover’s Lab (adult game mod community) for all their Sims resources.

      1. Lol, there’s no need to look for older versions I think – there’s Passion now, which is the most up to date version of Alfiechan mod, and it seems to be working fine.
        PS. I’m already on Lovers Lab 😀

  26. Just passing through to say thanks for this guide, very helpful. Looking forward to trying out some of the new animations for AW… from Master, Snoug, Amra72 & Lady666 I added this week. Near 200 animations, plus or minus! These are mostly MF animations so I thought maybe a handful might look alright from certain angles… well, quite the opposite! I was pleased that only a handful look terrible with MM. So if anyone was wondering, these work well~! They really add something to the game, such great work which I imagine look even better with MF as intended.

    1. Great it works for you 😀 If you feel like it, you’re welcome to share some screenshots from your game, for thers to appreciate 😀

  27. Congratulations, you CMAR and NRAAS are the only sites that actually EXPLAIN, step by step modifications! My only problem being that Animated Woohoo ver 2.05 (Kickers) with other mods simply places two figures interposed making one figure with no sex animations available. A message appears within animations saying, more or less, “who is what”. It does not seem to recognize male/female animations. I run an Apple Mac pro with three OSX versions with Chameleon and Clover installed BUT dropped in a copy of Win 7 Pro 64 and obtained the same results, as I needed to make changes to Regedit and CMD within Win 7 maybe that is a conflict problem, plus through a Mac it is not BIOS dependent that could cause issues.
    Just a note, avoid Win 10 like the plague it monitors your computer usage and sends information to Microsoft. Ok so I am a Mac fan, like 20KG of desktop build like a brick outhouse that can take video cards that won’t fit in a standard tin box 🙁 The false assumption that Macs don’t take ANY but their own designed for Macs video cards is rubbish, they accept any Nvidia card so long as Clover is installed.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated…

    1. Thank you 😀

      My first guess is that it’s not actually hardware/software problem, but you’re just misiing actual animation files. Look through my tutorial and through your mods folder and double check that you have all the necessary files. If you’re not sure, you can post a screenshot of your mods folder and I will try and check if you’re missing anything.

      As to the MAC/PC conflicts I unfortunately lack the expertise and I don’t think I will be able to help you.

      Good luck and have fun!

  28. Jez, I now have got some animations working. There are conflict between some of the animations. Not unexpected as this Mac is highly modified. Will send a list of what is installed plus make a list for persons with Macs of what to install and what to avoid, may take time as I am invoking Clover as startup and looking for conflicts between installed items. Macs are a wonder at examining files 🙂 Featured items in Sims is a pain, if you wish I will publish how to eliminate the file (Mac only) only problem is that Clover must be installed as a boot item and the codes must be installed exactly as I publish 🙂 Sorry Win users as I don’t like/know a great deal about playing with registry/game files…

    1. I’m glad something at least works for you 😀

      I’ll really appreciate any tips for mac users, as I have absolutely no knowledge in this subject 😀

      As soon as you send the list I’ll look through it and maybe I can help at least a little.

  29. This answers both what I have installed and what works happily with Macs.
    Delete the 4 junk files from EA, CASPartCache, CompositorCache, scriptCache,SimsCompositorCache! DO THIS everytime you add a Mod package. Plus SAVE the files within Documents!
    NRASS install the Master Controller basic mod. Run Sims and SAVE!!!
    Next NRASS any/all of the other Master Controller files, run Sims, save again.
    NRAAS Decensor.
    NRAAS Shoeless.
    Run and save again. Use different ‘Save As’ options…..
    cmar-GetNaked 1.63

    This probably seems tedious installing Mods one by one with Macs but without getting technical Macs use a far different file system handling protocol than Windows. More later with the installs as I am busy 🙁

  30. The kiwimistys animations wont download it just keeps giving me an error and cant find any other source to get them what do i do?

  31. why my sims cant move even though i clicked the graphical xtc and the pie chart is correct and the mods are installed correctly … and if i performed the action the selected sim is just standing and the another sim has repeatedlly queued actions

    1. Please show me the list of your installed adult mods. Maybe there is some conflict between the mods.

  32. It seems whenever I click on the animated woohoo animation….the sims just get naked and morph together in some odd way and just stand there. What am I doing wrong??

    1. From what you say, it looks like you’re missing animation files. Please double check with my post, that you have all the necessary files. If it still doesn’t work, please post the list of mods you have installed.

  33. Sorry, didn’t mean to reply back to someone else’s post lol! I’ll repost it here.

    Hey Jezabeel!
    Hopefully you’ll be able to help because I’m such a fool when it comes to computer things….ha. So, I have not been able to get the animated woohoo option to show up. In fact, the woohoo option has disappeared from my game completely! Not sure what I did….I’ve tried about three times to get everything working. Here’s a list of the mods I have downloaded already. (Though they don’t seem as long as everyone else’s….)

    1. Does any other mod work in your game at all? From what I see, You have one folder too much. There shouldn’t be the folder Framework Setup, only the Mods folder.

  34. Hey Jez, and excuse me if I just missed it in your post somewhere, but I swear I read it several times! Lol

    I did everything as said, read through all the comments, downloaded two files of every animation I wanted the one with the actual animation and the ones that support Kickers mod, typed in the names for each one I downloaded, as of currently it says I have;

    1. WTWanimations ; 124
    2. AfterDuskSims ; 23
    3. Amra72_Animations; 128
    4. JezaAnimations ; 1
    5. SManimations ; 24

    It shows the animations are there and that I have that many of each animation, however, how do I actually use them?

    When I don’t have another sim around it only shows solo ones, but only a few (not sure if there is supposed to be more than a few from what I’ve added) and when I have someone over it only give the option to woohoo, no options for positions or anything. How do I fix this? Thanks!

  35. I was wondering if you can help me? I downloaded Amra72 animations, and when I try to use it my sims is either merge together or into a object? Am I missing something?

  36. Hi, I downloaded L666 animations, removed from zip folder and placed it in my mods. I tried adding it to positions, bt when i do the number says (0). (ps,all my other animes work…Whosthewhat and AfterDsk)

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