Dungeon fun – no dragons required

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve been searching for some BDSM stuff for your Sims 3. Hard to find, isn’t it? To make things a bit easier for you, here are the links for all kinds of torture … Continue reading

Two handsome men are better then one…

Dragon Age Origins is all about actually playing your role – it is RPG after all. But, it’s a game – I want my game to be fun! So, i use the chance, and romance with Alistair and Zevran. What … Continue reading

Why can’t I have sex in Sims?

In games I look  for romance, sex and domination interactions to fulfill my fantasies in the virtual world. I really enjoy playing Sims 3. I even more enjoy modding this game. There are literally thousands upon thousands of custom content, that … Continue reading

I like it spicy and easy, but not cheaty!

I love modding the games I play. If you ask anyone, why they use mods in their games, the most frequent answer will be either “I want greater immersion” or “I want to cheat just a bit / I want … Continue reading