Stand Still, Darling!

I enjoy putting my male sims in humiliating and painful situations (I guess you’ve noticed that much, if you saw any of my previous posts). And I like my female sims to be visibly dominant.
Sims 3 Poses


You’re like an open book for me

To this end I use either the poses I create myself, or the poses done by all those ingenious Sims 3 artists, that I find on the web.If you don’t know how to use poses or want to learn some tips for it, check my Posing and Screenshot Tutorial.



Below I post links to all these awesome poses!

1. Couple poses by Akirayamato – here.

4. Poses by Dream Angel
5. Loki poses by Kami
9. Poses by Tamamaro
14. Male poses from andhisrabbits
15. Poses by Mia Mirra

16. Poses by Traelia

17. Love set poses by HarukoMitsu

18. Sexy male poses set 2 by TumTum Simiolino

19. Poses by Lenina90:


I’m listening…

20. Poses by by SciliaForever

21. Fear Poses by Aku

22.Poses by Geuliz

23. Poses by R2M Creations

24. Poses from Fairstead Sims

25 . Poses for sim band by I-DIX10

26. Poses by Lefent

27. Poses by Peacemaker

28. Poses by Aikea Guinea

29. Nadegata poses

30. Sunny’s poses

31. Chaoticsim Mode Pose Pack

32. Outing by Stuckintheplumbob

33. Vixen Pose Pack by Madi

34. Poses by Chanel design

35. Kabe No Hana Poses:

36. Blood Dagger : Vampire Feeding pose by LandofWoe

37. Poses by Spladoum

38. BlackCurtains Poses:

39. Romantic poses by Mayu

40. Falling for you pose pack by Drunk in Sims

41. Kiss me poses by Fyachii

42. Poses by PiPisims

43. Japanese seiza pose by Takano-Rey

44. The Knight & The Princess Pose by Sims 3 Medieval

45. Poses submission by Rose

46. Poses by Circa

47. Kissing poses by Echo-sim

48. Poses by Moonlight Sims

49. Poses of love and affection by AnVeay

50. At the gym posepack by Alistair

51. Poses by 77 sim

52. Poses by Lilinabe

53. Poses by Annie (romeo-and-simulet)

54. Poses by Mrs Oogie Boogie

55. Poses by Eunsims

56. 13 poses for rocking sims Path of Nevermore

57. Poses by Pamy (Star Girls Studio)

58. Medieval Horse PosePack by SimsFansCreations

59. Poses by Anchored Sims

60. Bed Couple Poses by sgisims

61. Poses by Wicked

62. Poses by goldfishsay

63. Don’t lie to me pose by Martina

64. Poses by Oy

65. Poses by CloudwalkerSims

66. Inked up poses by Haeven

67. Arm wrestling poses by Seminator5000

68. Poses by Imho

69. Poses by Simsinastorm

70. Poses by ModernLover

71. Poses by Ersel

72. Death scene poses by VKG

79. Poses by Ersel

74. Poses by Noelyely
  • Date night poses
  • Boy poses vo;. 2 + Bonus
  • Karin’s poses
  • Blaze pose
75. Poses by Cloesims
 76. Poses by Barble

77. Poses by Psycho

78. Poses by lakeside saddlery

79.BattleCry pose by Kathleenwalace

80. Poses by Doylegirl

81. Cleaning Floor Animation By: IS3Animated

82. Story poses by Fortuna

83. Poses by PolarJennyFox

84. Poses by swagmaster-camilla
86. Poses by Starsha

88. You fight me by GoldDream

89. MMORPG Poses by Yoonhaon

90. 12 Poses Archer by Mia8

92. Poses by Onyxirony

93. Pose 05 by Nana Asagi

95. Poses by Dkyrie

96. The night before niksi’s wedding poses by ILikeToDissectSims

97. Poses by SioSims3

98. 10 Poses “Ethereal Elegance” byMASims3

99. Imagination pose pack by Lisa Cage

100. Couple by Dreadan

101. NSFW selfie by Simslena

102. Kiss me poses by Ahiruchanet

103. Male Stripper Pose Pack by MadMeg

104. Hot Rod Babe Pose Pack by Photosimthesis







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  1. Any chance you could point out the specific poses you use in the pictures? I can’t seem to find them?

    But otherwise thank you so much for compiling this list! So handy!

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