Sims 3 little demons – babies and toddlers


Babies are such a nice way to start people. DON HEROLD

The fact is, I wanted to have a girl demon vampire in my game, so I started looking for the right CC. I thought I might just as well share what I learned.

Below you’ll find some ways to make your sims babies and todlers look much better, than the game allows normally ūüėÄ

Babies (Infants)


Some of the clothes below allow for babies with legs, instead of burrito babies.

in order to have some decent control of the clothes worn by your babies, you’ll need Nraas Master Controller, to be able to edit them freely in CAS. Anyway, if you don’t have Nraas mods already, get them ASAP. They can really save the day, as you can see in my posts about speeding up the game and troubleshooting.

Toddlers: Altar


Clothes Mirror

Objects standing

Poses for babies and toddlersAltar lying

If you don’t know how to use poses, check my post here. One note – the interaction add-on for pose player messes up all the baby poses, so you’ll need to get it out of your mods folder before attempting to make any baby photos.

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