To CC / mods Creators


Blogger is changing its policy about nudity and sexually explicit content on blogspot blogs.This may affect not only strictly adult content, but also skins and tattoos images, and most probably sexy clothes, poses, etc.From 23 March 2015 they will not publish blogs that contain it (even marked as adult).

There are many wonderful blogs with CC or mods, that will be no longer visible after this change!  We can prevent it!

I invite all the CC / mod creators to come and post on

Contact me to arrange for our cooperation:

through my Tumblr  

Through comments on this post.

Modfrenzy is hosted at a provider that allows adult content, so there no longer be a problem with nude photos of your newest skin!

Modfrenzy is not a forum – I am not going to moderate your posts – you are going to post by yourself, as you were doing on your own blog.

I pay for the domain and hosting and I take care of all the technical aspects of the blog – you can just post about your creations freely! Your content stays absolutly yours!!!

I invite modders not only of Sims games, but for all games that involve adult content / nudity and therefore have trouble with posting about their work.

Please reblog / repost this post everywhere you can – on Tumblr, Facebook, on your blogs… Let the creators know, that their work doesn’t have to be lost to the comunity!!!




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