Modern torture

Sims 3 modern torture cc

You’re under arrest

If you’re not much into medieval torture (how come?), but you still want to make your sim boy-toy feel some pain and humiliation, here are some useful items:

  1. Cycloneuse prison set
  2. Lisen801 Build your own cell
  3. Old Metal and Shuttered Doors
  4. Fences
  5. Asylum clutter
  6. Mental hospital
  7. Asylum Series – Pt I
  8. Asylum set
  9. Hospital set
  10. Med Lab
  11. Loop and chair
  12. Torture chair
  13. Morgue part 1
  14. Morgue part 2
  15. Bloody floor
  16. Blood Splatter
  17. Crime Scene Rugs & Wallstickers
  18. Bloody footprints
  19. Smudged & Distressed Bootprints
  20. Bloody handprints
  21. Stackable crates
  22. Blood splatters
  23. Morgue
  24. Sex toys as deco
  25. Duct tape deco
  26. Hospital set
  27. Random hospital set

A bit of architecture, to make your prison more ominous, all by awsome Cycloneuse!:

  1. Arches
  2. Viaduct
  3. Airlocks
  4. Neverending arch

And here are some clothes for your dominatrix, to make her boy-toy feel even more dominated:

  1. Uniform Temptation
  2. Uniform Temptation II

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