Dungeon fun – no dragons required

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ve been searching for some BDSM stuff for your Sims 3. Hard to find, isn’t it?
To make things a bit easier for you, here are the links for all kinds of torture chamber stuff – with a bit of creative spirit, I bet you can make good use of it.
  1. Cage
  2. Torture chamber
  3. Torture rack
  4. Torture room
  5. Amnesia set
  6. Medieval prison
  7. Torture chamber
  8. Stocks and deco
  9. Medieval museum
  10. Chain on the ground
  11. Shark cage
  12. Tools on wall
  13. Working bondage frame – interactive object, that your sims can use!
 Bondage Frame
The pose you see on the screen is made by me.
For clothes, makeup and accessories to go well with the torture stuff please look at this post.

Two handsome men are better then one…

Alistair and Zevran in a threesome.

Lovely treesome

Dragon Age Origins is all about actually playing your role – it is RPG after all. But, it’s a game – I want my game to be fun! So, i use the chance, and romance with Alistair and Zevran. What do I get? – yup, a jelousy talk. Choose, they say. Me or him, they say.

The problem is, I do not want to choose. I want to have them both! And I can, thanks to the right mod. I use polyamory by nitro9a , but there is another one, Polygamey by xatamos, though I’m not sure if it really works.
But, what is a good romance without some hot sex 🙂 If you want to see Your character actually do something more with your followers you should get your hands on some other mods:
  • Better sex cutscenes by Luchaire – there are three flavours of this mod – from a mild one just slightly improving the original scenes, to the zesty, which contains really explicit and a bit naughty sex scenes. There’s also the option for submissive Zevran, but only if you’re playing male elf (That’s a pity. I’d love to see him submit to my female warden…)

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Why can’t I have sex in Sims?

Altar sex - animation
In games I look  for romance, sex and domination interactions to fulfill my fantasies in the virtual world. I really enjoy playing Sims 3. I even more enjoy modding this game. There are literally thousands upon thousands of custom content, that can make your Sims 3 into whatever you want. Sims seem to be just perfect for this kind of play, but they need to be PEGI 12, Well, this means no sex, no hardcore and so on…
The modders have changed it! Here’ are the basic steps to make your Sims 3 a game for adults:

1. Nudity
a) No mosaic
Well, if you want to see your sims naked, you first need to get rid of the hideous mosaic covering them whenever they are taking their clothes off (like taking a shower/bath or taking a piss). To do this you cab use the Nraas Decensor Mod.
b) No barbie skin – look at my post about using custom skins here.
2. Genitals
Ok, so the ladies look ok now, with nipples and vagina in the right place. But what about men? You obviously need to get them a penis. You will find what you need at Cmar’s creations. To get the sex interactions working (no mod incompatibilities) you will need to download:
– Penis Mesh Map 1 OR 2 (install ONLY ONE)
– Penis sliders – CAS or Hidden (if you don’t want to mess in cas with the length and curve of the penis, just install the hidden version – but you need to have them in order for the sex interactions to work properly).
– Morphing penis script V 1.63
3. Sex interactions
Once you have your sims sexy and ready, you would probably like to see them do something more than taking a bath or woohooing under the blanket. There are two mods, that allow you to add real sex interactions to Sims 3:
a) Graphical XTC – allows you to make your sims “daydream” about having sex. There are several choices, allowing sims to get laid in different positions, together with some amount of foreplay.
b) Kicker’s Interactions mod -a bit more complicated to get it working, but it is far more flexible than Graphical XTC. In order to get it working you will need the main mod, that allows other parts to work – Kicker’s interactions mod – you will find the download at the bottom of the first post here, called Animated_WooHoo_2.05.zip.
Alternatively you can use Passion mod created by Alfiechan. It is compatible with all the AW animations and offers many more functionalities. It is however beta version, so it may cause some errors. Afiechan works on it continously to make the mod work smoothly.
To make any interaction actually show in game, you will need two parts for each set of animations – the package with actual animations and a small mod, that connects those animations to Kicker’s mod. Here’s the list of available animations with mod addon’s enabling them in Kicker’s mod (you can use all of them or just choose the ones you like best – it’s up to you):
  • Whosthewhat’s Sex Animations – for this one you don’t need  to download anything apart from the main mod. The download you seek is at the bottom of the first post – WTWanimations v0.7fix.zip        
  • Ghoct’s animations
– animations – ghoct_SexAnimations.package
  • snfoug80 animations
mod addon – download at the bottom of the last post called AW_SFanimations.package
animations – download at the bottom of the last post called SFanimations.package
  • SMAnimations – both mod addon and animations are in the same download – at the bottom of the first post SM_animations_1.4a.zip
  • AfterDuskSims – both mod addon and animations are in the same download – at the bottom of the post is a download button – hit it and you will be redirected to mediafire. Remember to skip the ad fly first, before you click the actual download button on mediafire.
  • Kiwmisty animations – both mod addon and animations are in the same download
  • Amra72_Animations and Amra72_Lesbian_Animations -the download is at the site, that needs you to be a registered user (registration is free) and has loads of porn adds (the thing is, that the site has also some great modding resources) – both mod addon and animations are in the same download, separately for normal and lesbian interactions. They are located in the first post: Amra72_AW_Sims3_Animation_pack_2.0.zip and Amra72_Sims3_Lesbian_Animation_pack_0.5a.rar
  • Master’s Animations – on the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same downloads –  Masteranimations v1.3.1.7z  (at the top of the post) and supernatural animations Mastermoonlight Animations v0.1.7z (in the middle of the post).
  • HDSCreations – on the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same download – Hdscreations.rar
  • Fallin Esper – be aware, that these are not aligned properly for Kicker’s mod, so they may look strange or not work at all
animations – download SexAnimations_All.rar
mod addon download at the bottom of the post – Animated_WooHoo_FE.zip
  • Aniamations done by me – NOW WITH SOUND -I hope to release the whole set of BDSM sex interactions for Kicker’s mod. Check my blog for updates.
  • Animations by Lady666 n the same site as Amra’s animations. Both mod addon and animations are in the same download, but there is a set of standard animations plus a crazy one. Download:

Lady666_Animations_s.03.rar,  Lady666_Crazy_Animations_s.01.rar and AW_Lady666_Kinky_Animations_s.01.rar 

To get all those above animations to work, after installing them, you need to click in game on a sim, choose Animated WooHoo -> Setting -> Position list, and add the following names to it. For Passion, click on sim -> Passion -> Settings .> Positions -> Add Position (at the bottom of the list)
If you would like to create your own animations for Kicker’s mod, there is a really awsome tutorial on Lover’s Lab, done by The Master.
For the makeup and accessories to spice up your scenes look at this post.
If you don’t know how to use mods in Sims 3 you’ll find all the necessary instructions here.
If you intend to have a household with more than two sims that have romantic interest one towards another, and don’t experience all kind of jealousy tantrums, you’ll need the World Adventures lifetime reward – No Jealousy. There are also other lifetime rewards that can make your life easier if your simming with at least a threesome:
No Jealousy (World Adventures) – even if you woohoo with another sim in front of his/hers spouse you wan’t gety into trouble (but you can still get the reputation of a cheater, together with it’s negative moodlet)
Stone Hearted (World Adventures) – your sim will not get sed / stressed at the events such as loss of a friend or death in the family.
Above Reproach (Generations) – your sim’s affairs won’t get noticed so easily, while you flirt around the town.
Clean Slate (Generations) – you can start flirting anew, with your reputation fresh and clear.
Master of Seduction (Late Night) – your sim becomes irresistible, so all romance attempts are successful.
To get those lifetime reward youu can either earn the lifetime happiness needed for them (too long and burdensome for me) or use Nraas Master Controller – You will need Base-mod and cheats. With it, you can add enough lifetime happiness to purchase every lifetime reward you wish.
If you’re interested in multiple romance and sex options in Dragon Age Origins look at this post.

I like it spicy and easy, but not cheaty!

Sims 3 Pose - Lady on her throne
I love modding the games I play. If you ask anyone, why they use mods in their games, the most frequent answer will be either “I want greater immersion” or “I want to cheat just a bit / I want to play on god mode”.
My main reason is to realise my own fantasies, which are not easily satisfied by the officially published games. I enjoy good twists of plot (that you can find in some games), romance and sex interactions (a bit harder to find, as it pushes up the PEGI rank for the game) and feminine domination (I mean woman dominating a man 🙂 – almost impossible to find).
Especially the last one is rare, as it does not go well with the image of an isolated teenager glued to his keyboard, fascinated with half naked damsels with swords bigger then them – and that is the stereotype of the player considered by the biggest developers while making their games.
So, I have to use mods to let me play the games the way I enjoy the most. And as there are many features that are, in my opinion, missing  even in mods, I try to make some of them myself. That is why I collect loads of mods and modding resources.
I believe, I am not the only one that feels this way about games and mods. So I thought I’d share what I collect, so it may be of some use to the likes of me 🙂