Be sexy for me, honey!

Want your sim boy-toy to look sexy? Want him to wear something that rather reveals than covers? Check here and have fun:

What shall I do with you…


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Spice up the action

Sims 3 Mistress Pose

Be a good boy…

Sims 3 poses allow for use of all kinds of accessories and props. So I use them to make my creations more vivid – like in the Two Daggers Pose, where I used stilettos created by Severinka.

Below, I have compiled a list of nice additional stuff that I use or plan to use, or think I could use in my poses.

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You look good in chains

Sims 3 Cuffed Pose

Cuffs will do the trick

To make all these sex and naked mods, poses and BDSM stuff work well in your Sims 3 game, you need to make your sims look appropriately dominated, hurt and obedient.

For this, you can use multiple accessories coupled with suitable make-up. Below you will find the ones I think are the most useful.
NOTE: To use multiple accessories or multiple make-up versions on the same location, you will need Nraas Master Controller.

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I want to see you strip

Dance Pole Sims 3

Get your Sim to dance on a pole for you.

So, You’ve downloaded all the stuff that I mentioned in my post about adult mods in Sim 3. And you would like to see your handsome men strip for you? Here’s how you can do it:

1. Simply order him to Get Naked! with CmarNyc’s mod. To use the link I provided, You will need to register on SexySims, but the site is full of goodies, so it’s well worth it. The mod allows you to switch ANY sims current outfit to nude.

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